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Dorner is Transforming Conveyor Automation by providing cutting edge solutions with best in class support.


Sanitary Conveyors for Easy Cleaning, Less Downtime

Dorner’s AquaGard 7350 Conveyors are designed and manufactured to food equipment standards with FDA approved materials and components.

Benefits of AquaGard 7350 Conveyors:
  • Rugged and Durable Design
  • 304 Stainless Steel frame features open design with minimal horizontal surfaces
  • Designed for wipe down and low pressure wash-down with non-caustic chemicals
  • V-guided belt tracking on belted models
  • Tip-up tails for access inside the conveyor for cleaning and maintenance
  • Safest chain in the industry with chain openings less than 4 mm even on curves
  • Unique chain design virtually eliminates friction providing capacity for up to 4 curves on a single conveyor​

Learn more about AquaGard 7350 Series Conveyors.

Low Profile, High Performance Precision Conveyors

Dorner’s Precision Move Technology is designed to move your product to the exact location, at the exact time and in the exact position it needs to be for the next phase of the production line.

Features and Benefits
  • Reverse v-guide provides positive tracking along entire length of conveyor
  • Positively driven belt ensures belt does not slip and allows for higher load capacity
  • 1″ width with tip up tail to allow for easy belt removal
  • 23 unique gearbox interfaces with support for 158+ motors
  • Additional widths and guiding options

Learn more about 2200 Series Precision Conveyors


SmartFlex Helix Conveyors

Compact spiral & helical curve, flexible chain conveyors for complete flexibility!

Benefits of SmartFlex Helix Conveyors:
  • Unique, flexible design provides greater flexibility in layout
    • Infeed and outfeed may be positioned at any height or angle
    • Custom infeed and outfeed lengths allow the conveyor to extend beyond spiral, reducing the number of conveyors required
  • Small foot print maximizes valuable floor space
  • Patented side roller chain reduces corner friction allowing for faster speeds and smooth product handling
  • Applications include accumulation, buffering, cooling product between processes or machines, and more!

Learn more about the SmartFlex Helix.

Solve Challenges with Engineered Solutions

At Dorner, we can provide anything from a single conveyor to a full system. Recently, Dorner worked with a company making frozen pizzas to create a completely custom system with a total of 71 conveyors!

The conveyors needed to take multiple sizes of pizzas through and between processes such as freezing, wrapping, inspection and more.

See part of the system in the application video and then read more details on the individual processes below. 

Select the Right Conveyor with Dorner’s Product Selector

Need help selecting the best conveyor system for your application? Dorner’s new Product Selector within its D-Tools program is just the answer.
The new Product Selector is available on all of Dorner Tools (D-Tools) conveyor productivity applications, including its 2D and 3D CAD libraries, DConfig and Dpricer. This new feature is designed to help people select the best conveyor system for their application, and can be accessed by visiting
The Product Selector works by having people check off features and benefits that are important to them in their conveyor system relative to the application they’re specifying for.