2200 Belted Conveyors

  • 2200 Belted High Speed Nose Bar
    The optional nose bar safely transfers parts at speeds up to 200 feet per minute.
  • 2200 Belted Updated Frame Design
    The durable, single piece frame design reduces the overall number of needed stands.
  • 2200 Belted IDrive
    The industry's most compact drive saves space and reduces integration time.
  • 2200 Belted Cleat
    Multiple belt styles are available along with an expanded selection of specialty belts.
  • 2200 Belted Nose Bar Transfer Tail
    The optional 5/16" nose bar transfer tail is available at the non-driven end with speeds up to 75 ft/min.
  • 2200 Belted Universal T-slot
    The Universal T-Slot allows for fast and simple attachment of accessories and guiding.
  • 2200 Belted Guiding Options
    Multiple guiding options including low side, aluminum side, tool-less adjustable and more.

Benefits of 2200 Series Belted Conveyors:

Product Improvements

  • Stronger, improved frame design
  • New frame widths with single piece frame for widths 12″ and under
  • Improved bedplate durability with hard anodized frame coating
  • Universal T-slots fit industry standard hardware
  • Updated drive and idler tails for easier belt install and shaft position change
  • New 5/8″ high speed nosebar with speeds up to 200 fpm
  • Adjustable guiding with new modern design and improved clamp method
  • New guide accessories
  • New belt options

General Specifications

  • Flat Belt End Drive, Cleated Belt End Drive, Center Drive, iDrive and Gravity Roller models
  • 1.75″ (44 mm) – 24″ (610 mm) widths
  • 1.5′ (457 mm) – 24′ (7,315 mm) lengths
  • Loads up to 120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Speeds up to 400 ft/min (122 m/min)
  • Optional common drive
  • CE Models Available

Small Belt Conveyor Applications:

  • Small Part Transfers
  • Part Accumulation
  • Precision Part Movement
  • Small Part Handling and Positioning
  • Part/Package Infeed and Outfeed
  • Automated and Manual Assembly


Guides & Wipers
Drive Accessories
T-Slot Mounting Nuts
Adjustable End Stop
Fixed End Stop
T-Slot Dust Cover
T-Slot Extender
Table Top Mounting Brackets
Pulley Transfer Plates
Motion Control
Side Tables

Manuals & Literature

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 Magnetic Conveyors 11.36 MB
Backlit Conveyors 1 6.19 MB
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 Vacuum Belt Conveyors 11.42 MB
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 2200 Series Vacuum Conveyor  11 674 KB
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